Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are You A god? Probably. You Just Don't Know It.

What could I possibly be talking about with a subject like that? Readers will find out soon enough. I've been working on a project. Something for Windows XP/2000 and to a lesser degree Windows Vista.

I submitted the program (with an installer) to and was given a public availability date of April 11th.

Yes, with this blog entry I'm not writing a "small book". What I created goes beyond catering to a technical readership. It has application to anyone who uses a web browser, including your uncle John who may have gotten his first computer last week because it seems some of his coworkers at the factory got one. Or your aunt Mary because she's into cooking and her best friend Sally whom she bowls with every Friday has gotten tons of recipes off the Internet. Now your aunt Mary wants to dive headlong into the Internet and she's been bugging you to go to Best Buy with her to pick a computer. Or, your grandmother, if she's a vanguard for her age group. But, most importantly, you.

I've been trying to think of a catchy domain. More to come.

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